Navigating the MyFig Project

The City of Los Angeles’ My Figueroa Project to enhance the pedestrian, cyclist and transit rider experience.

The intent of the MyFigueroa Project, which stretches from 7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles to 41st Street in South Los Angeles, is to make the Figueroa Corridor a “complete street”, that maintains vehicle access but at the same time provides a safe mode of transit for pedestrians and cyclist.

What is it?
Transforming the Figueroa Corridor to a more “complete” street, that maintains, vehicular access, while also providing a safer, more comfortable local environment to pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders.
– New painted bike lanes
– Accessible bus platforms
– Street Improvements
– Increased safety 

Where is it?
4 miles that stretches from Downtown LA to South LA. 
– Figueroa St. from 7th St. in Downtown LA to 41st St. just south of Exposition Park
– 11th St. from Figueroa St. east to Broadway in the South Park neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles
– Martin Luther King Blvd. from Figueroa St. west to Vermont Ave., on the south edge of Exposition Park
For vehicles, there are 4 lane streets, with two going northbound and two going southbound. With a diamond lane for one-peak Silver Line and other expresses bus services in some locations. A center turn lane is also provided, as well as right turn pockets as needed.